• CL sharpening

    Thanks to the unique sharpening training in Quebec, their technicians develop their attention to detail and dexterity to the maximum in order to sharpen all types of blade with the right angle, the right finish and without overheating the steel.

  • Omcan

    Omcan has become a leading brand in the catering industry. Its success over these many years is directly attributed to its established relationships with all of its valued distributors.

  • Handee

    Established in 1947, Handee manufactures high-quality, durable cheese cutters that cut quickly, cleanly and economically. Available in plastic or stainless steel.

  • Provigo

    Provigo is a Quebec company founded in 1969 and specialized in food products. It is a division of Loblaw Companies Limited, the largest food distributor in Canada

  • IGA

    IGA, acronym for Independent Grocers Alliance, is a grocery chain with 4,000 franchisees, present in many countries and served by 37 independent suppliers. Its headquarters are located in Chicago, United States. It is the largest food supermarket chain in Quebec.

  • Metro

    Metro Inc. is a food and pharmaceutical distribution company in Canada.

    The group operates or supplies a network of some 980 food stores and 640 pharmacies.